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Hotmail customer service phone number for US and CANADA

As we have discussed earlier that Hotmail has large number of clients in United states of America and Canada comparing to other parts of world so keeping that in mind we have introduced Hotmail customer service phone number for US and CANADA. This number is only for these two countries and the technicians available on this number are also from same countries so that there will no communication barrier like accent problem, this dedicated line is always open for US/CANADA 24x7 and 365 days. Customer is like God to us and we always make sure the smile on our customer’s face that’s our only motive behind this service number.

There are some companies who have everything of their own but when it comes to customer service they give third party number to their clients, which is not the good thing as the reputation goes down in front of client eye’s product service satisfaction is the most important thing for us, you grow we will automatically grow with you, client happy company will automatically happy.

Hotmail customer service number to get connected with live technician

Here the term used live technician is to make clear and cut picture of the service we are providing in clients eyes that he/she going be connected with liev technician on Hotmail customer service number.

Sometimes people face password problems and According to Microsoft, there can so many reasons why you are not able to log into your Hotmail Id. First please check and make sure that you are using the right password. Check that your caps lock button is off, as passwords are case-sensitive. If the password is correct, then the problem can be on Hotmail's end. Go to the company website and check the status. If you are getting green sign and still you have login problem than there might be a chance that your account got hacked and that case you can call us at Hotmail customer service number.

Hotmail customer service and support desk

Sometimes it is possible that we have shut down your account due to unusually activities like change in login location or sending unwanted mails. In that case you have to reach Hotmail customer service and support desk to recover your account, which can take upto 24 hours. A link on the bottom of the " Account Help" page will redirect you to a support page where you need to put some of your details. A Microsoft customer service representative will contact you via email, either with instructions on how to unblock your account or requesting further info.
Be sure to refresh your browser by pressing "Ctrl" and "F5" on your keyboard at the same time. Wipe out all the temporary and cache files from the browser and that update it to the latest version which is available in the market. If there is no activity in your account for 365 days than we can suspend your account for sure.