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Hotmail account gives an inbox for messages and additionally likewise access to Microsoft administrations, including Xbox games, cloud drives and Office 365. It can also be utilized to sign into mobile phones and PCs controlled by Windows Phone, individually. While making a record, clients may pick to include a telephone number or an other email deliver to keep their records secure. This security information can be upgraded later in the record settings. Sometimes these multiple features can confuse the user as all users are not that much gadget friendly, hence if they face any issues while using these features than we have a Hotmail email helpline phone number for email help and installation help

How it works:-

  • 1. Installation guidance.
  • 2. Email archive.
  • 3.Hotmail synchronization.

Hotmail email help available 24x7

To find out friends and family through your hotmail id we have installed all the plug-in’s from various social media platforms like facebook, twitter, linkdin and tumbler so that you can synchronize all the data from these social media sites to your email.
But before that you should have live windows working account to access all the features that are mentioned above but if you still face and issue while searching friends and family than you can reach us at Hotmail email help which is available for 24x7

Hotmail helpline number for Member directory

User must click on contact in order to access the member directory. On the Contacts page, click the link below the Your Friends category, which is called Add People. Finally, after completing the privacy setting prompt, the Windows Live Member Directory page may be accessed. In the Advanced Search option, user can also filter the search result by the help of location, category and business information.
Even after reading the instruction given above to you buy windows you can still have the option to call on hotmail helpline number for member directory which is written on the bottom of this page and highlighted with blue colour.


  • 1. Member Directory.
  • 2. Search filter.
  • 3. Category division.

Hotmail help phone number for account setup

To setup setup a Hotmail account you should have at least one of these device like smartphone, computer, tablet or portable PC with working internet connection at it works over internet there is no chance of setting up an account offline.
Now second step that you should have latest browser in your device like google chrome, Mozilla firefolks, internet explorer or the new one which comes with windows 10 edge. That go to the “” and click on sign up page and start filling the details which should be correct in all aspects. After feeling the form it will generate an OTP one time password which you will receive in your mobile that you have mentioned in your details but in case you got any error message during or after the process you can immediately call on Hotmail help phone number.